Always looking for the bigger picture and the real agenda.
Hacking a healthy and balanced lifestyle into a professional career.
Adding as much positivism, diversity and experiences as possible in the life of my misses, my family and myself.


Over 12 years of full dedication to speed skating. With a top 10 place on the national 100 meter rankings. Partipated in Dutch championship qualifiers. Always having to cope with structural shin issue combined with difficult future made me decide to stop all together; all or nothing.
Martial arts in the broadest sense.
Starting from a few years of Karate, 7 years of Capoeira and being a teacher, 5 years combined of kickboxing and - mostly - Thaiboxing.
Now taking the first steps in the 'self-defence tactics' of Krav Maga.

handstand capoeira ibiza

Almost 100% vegetarian, since a few years. No cow's milk, on a constant quest to avoid added sugar and other fast carbs. Despite the fructose, I am an active 'juicer' and try to combine this with as many pesticide-free fruit and vegetables I can get my hands on.

Category Manager for both IT & telecom at one of the biggest retailers in the world.

Korea helicopter business trip